Quantum Leaps to Make the Impossible, Possible

The Decade Of Women#HackQuantum Worldwide Series is advancing quantum leap solutions to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by uniting the exponential power of women with blockchain, smart contracts and digital assets: to make the impossible possible. 

#hackquantum london - july 6-8, 2018

This #HackQuantum Blockchain Challenge during London Fintech Week was hacking solutions to issues of global hunger that leverage the quantum impact of women leadership and frontier technologies!

Being a recent graduate with less experience in the fintech field than those at the conference, I lacked the confidence to reach out to people for conversations about how to learn more. But seeing the amazing, smart, powerful women on stage for the ‘Women in Blockchain’ panel inspired me so much that I had to overcome my lack of confidence and talk to them.

Speaking with Amber about how all women should empower each other was truly inspirational and instilled a confidence in me to no longer be silent, but to go out and get involved. The Decade Of Women initiative is truly inspiring.
— Sophia Moutos

#Hackquantum nigeria - May 4-5, 2018

The #HackQuantum Worldwide Series was launched successfully in Lagos, Nigeria, hacking for solutions to gender equity, leveraging frontier technologies. 

Together with partners from around the world, on March 8th, 2018 we elevated the International Day of Women into a full Decade Of Women to reject incrementalism and actuate a solutions pathway to deliver UN Sustainable Development Goal #5, gender equality and equity for women and girls worldwide. For the first time in history, with blockchain smart contracts and digital assets, we can do what no generation has been able to accomplish: to create an economy that values all human genius and ensures a sustainable future for people, planet and prosperity - with no one left behind. We are honored to partner with Fintech Week London, Abt Associates, Blockchain for Impact and the Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development to bring forward our second Decade Of Women #HackQuantum, dedicated to true quantum leap solutions for women levering frontier tech to create a dignified, unified and decentralized world. With the first Decade Of Women #HackQuantum launched in Nigeria, we look forward to see what London can bring to make the impossible - possible! This round, if there is a team that meets a new Quantum Leap SDG Prize level, they will be able to present to top impact investors from around the world on September 21st at UN global quarters in NY. Bring it on London!
— Amber Nystrom, Founding Principal, 5th Element Group; Acting President, Decade Of Women