The Decade Of Women requires that we all galvanize around the goal of gender equity.

In order to achieve full gender equity by 2030, as the foundation for all other Sustainable Development Goals, it is essential that we all work together, across industries and nations, to leverage frontier technologies for this purpose.

Listed below are some of the launch partners of the Decade Of  Women movement. Each has pledged specific actions as participants in the Decade Of  Women. Will you join them?

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other Partners

For the first time in human history, we have the technological tools that will enable us to connect the bottom billion unbanked to the global economy, to provide digital identity to stateless direct benefits to women and girls. In this Decade Of Women, we must harness these digital tools and our collective ambition to create a connected and distributed token economy to transform lives of women and girls across the globe and achieve Quantum Impact.
— Dr. Jane Thomason, Senior Global Advisor for Digital Transformations, Abt Associates Australia