Where Impact and Frontier Technology Collide

In order to achieve gender equity by 2030, we all need to come together and leverage the talents and capacity of all industries. Check out the latest articles connecting Frontier Technology and Impact spaces:

digital frontier

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Frontier women worldwide

Women are Powering the Blockchain - Quartz
The First Rule of Being a Woman in Crypto is You Do Not Talk About Being a Woman in Crypto - Quartz
Unblocked: Women Working to Gain Influence in Cryptocurrency - ThirtyK
CEO of Girl Scouts Wants to Turn Today's Cookie Sellers Into Tomorrow's Powerful Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneur
Leaders Series: Evelyn Hytopoulos at PolySwarm - Medium

sdgs in the news

The SDGs Are An Opportunity, Not Just A Challenge (Forbes)
UN Secretary-General Releases Advance Version of 2018 SDG Progress Report (IISD)
Cuomo-Launched Women’s Equality Party Will Soon Make Statewide Nominations (Gotham Gazette)
Countries with Less Gender Equity Have More Women in STEM--Huh? (Scientific American)

Investing in women

Melinda Gates - You're Missing Out By Not Investing in Women, Minorities - Bloomberg
Women Leaders In Sustainable Finance: Modeling The Future—Part 5 (Financial Advisor)
How Women And Men Approach Impact Investing (IUPUI)
Men are more likely to use impact investing as a replacement for charitable giving. Why? (LinkedIn)

The superpowers of women are about to roll throughout the world, with tsunami-like force. But women need to quickly understand the gifts of Internet 3.0.”
— Todd Morley, CEO of G2 Investment Group